About Skapa

Hi and welcome to Skapa!

Officially the name is ‘Hugsa og Skapa’ which means ‘think and create’ in Icelandic. That seemed like a nice name to me when I started; come up with a piece of clothing and make it. In the meantime it has been abbreviated to Skapa, which is only making, and that is more than sufficient 🙂

My name is Rian, I am the person who you end up with when you send a message via Facebook or an email. I am also the person who is on the markets, although I often get help there, so you can very well meet someone else.

I sell fabrics, especially wool and linen. The fabrics are ideally suited to make historical clothing, such as the Iron Age and the late Middle Ages. But of course something modern is also possible. In addition to the fabrics, the yarns play a major role. Also wool and linen in different thicknesses, for sewing, embroidery, needlebinding or weaving. Furthermore, I have made sewing supplies, early medieval caps and capes,  weaving combs, lucet forks, clothing, blankets, shawls, everything I made myself or purchased with care.

Custom clothing is also possible, for different times, whether or not fictional. The clothing is then made to measure. If you want to know what the options are, send an email.

With a background as a re-enactor of the Viking period, Skapa started at historical events and the booth was set up as such. With that I fit in various pictures, from historical markets to educational activities and various festivals at home and abroad. If you want to know where you can find Skapa, look in the agenda.

In the winter, the fabrics are also online, you can find them under ‘shop’. It’s not an actual webshop yet, but if you see something you like, just send me an mail. I do ship oversees.