About Skapa


Hugsa og Skapa. Imagen and create.

Skapa started a few years ago out of love for beautiful fabrics and durable materials, preferably as natural as possible. Skapa offers woolen and linen fabrics, woolen and linen yarn for sewing , embroidery, needlebinding or weaving. Legwraps, braid cords, related books, weaving combs, readymade garments, woolen scarves, the range changes each time, so it is always worthwhile to take a look. To shape your own ideas, in whatever form, Skapa can reach out to you.

Clothing on order is also possible, for different times, whether or not fictitious. The dress will be custom made. Do you want to know what the options are, please send an e-mail.

With a background as a re-enactor from the Viking period Skapa started on historical events and the stall is therefore equipped as such. Skapa fits in several pictures, historical markets to educational activities and festivals at home and abroad. If you want to know where you can find us, please check the calendar.

There is no webshop, but if you see something you like, or you have some kind of other question, you can always send an e-mail.